I believe that people focused on growth & self-awareness are the ones that change the world!

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Plan with Intention

When you have great ideas it can be hard to get them out of the corners of your mind. Together we’ll explore the ideas you have for the next steps in your life and career and get them out of your head, so that you can start taking action. We’ll create a strategy to get you where you want to go at a pace that works for you.

Take Action

I agree, it’s fun to dream. For real change to happen, you need to start taking action. To create change you need support in action planning and moving forward with accountability. Let’s move forward together.

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What I do...


Coaching Focus Areas

  • Career transition & satisfaction
  • Leadership development
  • Early career navigation
  • Relationship building in the workplace


"I love to work with individuals who are not afraid to dig deep and discover what they really need from life to feel fulfilled. Joy is found in discovering who you are and being true to yourself in everything you do."

Biography and Experience

Jenny is a native Hoosier and proud of it. Her current roles include: mother of three, wife and daughter to Indianapolis entrepreneurs, leadership and talent management consultant, Girls Inc of Central Indiana alumni board chair, volleyball and kickball coach, and inventor of Addyme.com.

The launch of Bright Corner Group is one of her biggest personal accomplishments, that couldn’t have been done without years of support from friends, and employers who told her she was “different.” For Jenny, the sky’s the limit with her contagiously energetic personality.

“Words to describe Jenny Banner include innovative, bright, passion for learning, results oriented, genuine, personal integrity and role model. She brings her passion and creative spark to solve complex problems in new ways. She is a master at building relationships and leveraging those relationships to help people, organizations, and community grow and perform more effectively.”

Jenny brings over 15 years of progressive human resources and sales experience. She has worked within great local companies like FirstPerson, Fusion Alliance, Fifth Gear, and the Indianapolis International Airport. She’s also done projects within the walls of the Fortune 500 companies in Indianapolis. Her unique perspective of both small and large company environments provides a true advantage to getting things done with professional polish.

In 2015 Jenny received her Certified Professional Coach (CPC) certification from iPEC, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and in 2016 received her International Coaching Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach (ACC) designation. Her first hand experience with the transformational aspects of coaching inspired her to increase her focus on coaching individuals and groups. Jenny attended IU Bloomington and graduated with a degree in English. She completed her Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology coursework at IUPUI. She is a proud North Central panther graduate, and got her early education at St.Luke Catholic School.

How I see it...





What have you done to gain clarity around your personal values and where you want to go?

What framework are you using to ensure you move forward with your plans and ideas?

How are the people in your life supporting you to move forward?

What actions are you taking to ensure that you see opportunity in your personal and professional life?

Align for Personal Growth

Then you can change the world!

For individuals and groups there needs to be alignment between several components. You need to do more than “think” you are on the right path. You need to take action. You need to do things and experience feedback and failure. We’ll dig in together and name the aspects of your past and present that are working well. We’ll identify what barriers may exist that hold you back. Creating a healthy and successful life is an ongoing process that requires attention, and I’m here to help you focus.

You’re ready to grow and explore because you know it's important.

It's time to focus on you.

So let’s talk.




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