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I am realizing that everyone is in a constant state of transition in some part of their life at any given moment.

I have many roles that I assume currently, and within each of theses there are nuances: mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, professional, coach, mentor, cheerleader, and business builder.

It seems that it is better for you to admit you are a work in progress and pursue making changes in your life, than it is to resist change and hold on to the person that you’ve always been.

Here are a few questions that help you check-in with the choices you’re making in life:

  1. Where do you spending your time? When you break down your time, you’ll see what priorities you are conveying. This can be both enlightening and frightening. There is a free app called Toggl that you can use to start doing some basic time tracking. Start small and don’t be upset if you don’t track all hours in your day. Look for patterns.
  2. How aligned are your actions with your values? If you haven’t done any work assessing your values then we should talk. There are a lot of different exercises to use to identify your values. Here is one of my favorites (Mountains and Valleys) that I discovered via the Zappos culture team. Your values should be the filter you use when making decisions about how to spend your time.
  3. Do you need to reconsider your values (have they shifted in the past year)? This questions assumes you’ve done values work before. If so, perhaps it’s time for a refresh.