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Dear Jenny,

Last January you signed up for a business coaching program and one of the tenants of the program was that you would create content consistently. This meant blogging at least once a week. As I look over what you’ve written this year, it appears that you fell a little short. I’m wondering: What’s getting in your way? You’re a busy wife and mom of three who has a tendency to say “yes” to meet ups, work, carpool, social events, and other things. Have you ever thought you might be saying yes to these things so that you don’t have to write?

Here are some questions to ask yourself:
What do you need to get started? Make a list of everything you (think you) need.
How do you want to feel when you sit down to write?
What time of day do you feel most inspired write?
When you’ve written this year, what was the process? How did it work?

Take action and answer the questions above. Writing is a process similar to building a muscle or training for a race. You have to practice. You may be slow and weak at first. You may get exhausted easily and want to give up. Don’t give up. Be patient with yourself. You can do this!

With Love and Grace,


PS: In case you forgot, you’ve written some great blogs for FlashPoint!

Team Effectiveness